My go-to brands, ingredients and grocery stores mainly in London. Also a selection of coffee beans in the UK


Wide selection of condiments for your every day cooking.
❤ black pepper, garlic paste, seaweed salt


Wide range of organic products, from baking ingredients, canned legumes, bread to oils and confectionery.
❤ chickpeas, peanut butter, coconut milk

Bob’s Red Mill

Unprocessed flours, oats and cereals, also a selection of organic products. Now available online in the UK.
❤ tapioca flour, sweet rice flour, rolled oats


Family-owned business offering organic and high quality Japanese ingredients and foods. Wide range of selection for your everyday needs.
❤ seaweed, oils, sauerkraut, matcha powder, miso, soy sauce

Doves Farm

Specialise in organic flours. Great selection of baking ingredients and goods.
❤ digestive biscuits, spelt flour, quick yeast

Food For Life

Founded in 1964, specialise in organic sprouted whole grain bakery goods, which includes the nutritious Ezekiel Bread.
❤ Ezekiel 4.9 Bread, Ezekiel 4.9 Tortilla


Good quality Japanese tea from farms in Uji, Kyoto. Ship worldwide. You can also find tea brewing accessories and authentic Japanese snacks.
❤ organic loose tea leaf: hojicha, sencha, gemaicha

Nature’s Path

Family-owned business bringing delicious organic breakfast cereals and granolas. Available in most grocery stores.
❤ maple sunrise, munch


Wide range of plant-based organic drinks, yogurt and desserts.
❤ soya unsweetened drink

Rude Health

London-based company offering healthy plant-based drinks, granola, porridge and cereals. Also has a cafe in London.
❤ organic granola, honey & nuts


Wide range of organic tofu products to give you some delicious vegan love! Stockist includes Whole Foods Market, Waitrose and Planet Organic and many more.
❤ smoked tofu, firm tofu

Waitrose Duchy Organic

Founded by Charles, The Prince of Wales partnered with Waitrose. Wide range of organic products ranging from fresh produce, dairy to snacks and ales.
❤ milk, shortbreads, fresh produce, eggs

Yeo Valley

Family-owned dairy company. Wide range of organic dairy products. From fresh milk, yogurt to butter and cream.
❤ milk, spreadable butter, double cream